If you've been following my work lately, you've seen an influx of photos at night or in the dark with light streaks. It's what I've been into lately. After reading this article I was inspired by Goon Mili to learn about the birth of light drawing and how it's evolved over the years. Last week, Ahad invited me over to his studio because he was working on a similar kind of project. We got some help from Mallory too and spent over 3 hours testing different exposure times, color gels on electronic flash and drawing using the iPhone flashlight.

If you've been fascinated by something new lately and feel like sharing, drop a link to your latest works in the comments so I could check it out. By the way, you can follow Ahad's work by clicking here.


I used to be an active user on a shoe forum called Sole Collector where I met a handful of great people, Sam (aka Big Makk) was one of them. We were part of a user group called Grammy Family because we both had love for music in our respective ways; mine through photography and his being a disk-jockey. I remember when he started performing live, he had a show in our hometown at U St. Music Hall where we first met (with Bruce). It's crazy that he's not with us anymore but I'm glad that his last project was released by his management on the day he had planned for it.

If you're a fan of electronic music, click on the album art above to stream his last project.


Rinse & Repeat: Grand Opening

I was a little busy on Sunday with post editing work but I got a chance to stop at Rinse & Repeat's grand opening for a quick recap. It reminded me a lot of my shoe forum days. We used to arrange meet ups at public spaces to hang out, talk about the latest trends and our hobbies. I met so many great people through Sole Collector so many years ago that I still keep in touch with. It felt nice being around a group of people from all over on the basis of love for the sneaker culture.

For all your rare clothing needs, follow Rinse & Repeat on Instagram here.

TRILLECTRO | AUG. 27, 2016

For the past 5 years, our friends at DC to BC have curated an exciting festival to wrap up the summer. This year it's happening at Merriweather Post Pavillion headlined by Kid Cudi, hosted by Yes Julz, and a line up of some of the hottest young acts in the game right now like Rae Sremmurd, Gold Link, and Lil Uzi Vert. In preparation for the festival and to give you a taste of the performing acts, Trillectro released this playlist to groove to.

The last time I did media for Trillectro (wow that was 3 years ago) I made this video. If you don't follow me on Snapchat already search for username gofresco and expect something fishy for a recap and an after movie special from GRVTY. Oh, and incase you missed Trap Bob's Trillectro takeover, click here to catch up on the art she released via Instagram and enter her giveaway to win a free pair of tickets to the festival.

Update: You can view my photoset from Trillectro by clicking here.


I met with Breemz at a carryout on U St. to test shoot promotional content for his Chicken & Mumbo Sauce event. An event for people/creatives with a DC culture experience with free food, art by local artists and live go-go music. Our first attempt was unsuccessful so I revisited an idea to make portraits of girls eating chicken in a messy way. It took some time to match our schedules with the models and the studio but we made these photos in the nick of time.

A huge thanks to Ahad for holding it down and everyone who cooperated during the shoot.


I got a wake call at 7a from Othello to meet at an airplane hanger to film some shots for NUEXs' latest single, Light's Off. Othello's idea for the music video was to explore the concept of inception; climbing inside of ones dream knowing life is just one big party and leaving path for the two to connect. If you aren't familiar with NUEX, visit their page and listen to their single here.

photo by Bryan Sona

We recorded performance shots and b-roll scenes at the hanger and picked up later that evening to film the house party scene. I'm always surprised at how much equipment O uses during shoots but in photo and video work, lighting especially is the key for setting the mood. We used sparklers, china balls, neon lights, stage fog, and color gels to pull off all the shots we needed.

Write here...

When he's available, I bring O with me to my photo assignments because his technical knowledge is so extensive. If I have an idea for a type of lighting he knows how to achieve it which saves us time. I always learn something new working with him. 

You can view more work from Othello and follow him online here.


At the break of summer, Tenbeete & I took a trip to California to get away, bask in good weather and get inspiration for our creative work back at home. This was our first time together in LA. We used Airbnb for our stay and found a nice place in West Hollywood that was relatively close to everything. Tenbeete was excited to take me to the beach, Griffith Observatory, LACMA, Mulholland Drive and more.

Trap Bob in West Hollywood, CA

Trap Bob in West Hollywood, CA

We discovered Melrose Trading Post thanks to my new local friend, Benny. Turns out it was a gem of all marketplaces in the Fairfax District full of vintage clothes, posters, jewelry, art, classic games and so much more. If you're ever in the area (on a Sunday) I definitely recommend a stop there.

Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post

I was most excited to hike up Runyon Canyon for the first time but it was fuggin' closed for repair work. The weather wasn't so hot during our stay but we made a beach stop at Santa Monica and later on Fairfax Village where I accidentally bumped into someone's car coming out of a parking spot but they let us slide. We ate at Blu Jam Cafe, Mexicali and a couple other places I don't remember the names to. We partied with old friends which made it feel like we were still at home.


It was a great trip until we arrived at the airport check-in counter and the lady told us we arrived too late and had to rebook our flight for the next morning; but that's a story for another time.


One night after a conversation with a friend I came to the conclusion that I wasn't using my resources effectively. Instagram is one of my resources for people so I went scrolling through my friends list to find a mutual follower I didn't know and that's exactly how this shoot with Lee came about. We met at one of my favorite cozy little book stops in Adams Morgan called Idle Time Books and kicked it off.

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