Ive's Halloween Party

We all have that one friend who throws the craziest house parties and if you ask anyone about Ive, her reputation upholds that. I received a couple of threatening messages from her that went along the lines of you better come to my party since you missed the last one so I know I couldn't miss it. I wasn't in the mood to party but I knew dressing up and being surrounded by people would make me feel better at the time.

Sylvia & Anais

After looking for some inspiration online and some last minute store browsing, I ended up delving deep into my closet to put together a private investigator look with some gun holsters I found at the Halloween store earlier that day. It turns out our neighborhood friend Nimbus was thinking the same, that'll explain why we look like twins in the photo below.

Ferg & Bryan

You can see more photos from the party on my Instagram by clicking here.