On The Road — GRVTY Edition

GRVTY was hired as the production team for the third consecutive year by BostInno for their 50 On Fire project that spanned about a month between four different cities (Boston, Chicago, Texas & DC). BostInno is a local online news site and community publishing platform covering “the view from inside” innovation in Boston. My role for this project as photographer was to capture creative portraits of people in the selected organizations, build a rapport and have fun. On our downtime we explored popular attractions, tried new foods and spent time with friends.

photo by  Jimmy Sorto

photo by Jimmy Sorto

There are many benefits of working with friends. The ups are you know each others strengths, abilities and constantly support each other. The downs are it could get tricky if you don't have any ground rules or communicate your interests openly. Over the past couple of years, I've made tons of memories traveling and working with these guys which has taught me a lot about myself and helped me grow professionally. If you browse the GRVTY website or social media account, you'll find the phrase "...from the kids who ducked nine to fives to try & make it their way" etched in the design as a reminder to trust yourself, trust your instincts and trust your friends (Tan, 2015).

GRVTY recently released another collection of their comfortable and visually eye pleasing workwear. I always get compliments when I wear mine, check it out here.

Studio 54/2

Studio 54 was a famous nightclub that opened its doors in the late '70s to A-list celebrities and a diverse group of partygoers in the discotheque era. It was a subculture that embraced style, sexual freedom, outlandish behavior, and more all under one roof. The vibe of Studio 54 was the inspiration behind this set. Naeema's vision for the wardrobe set, makeup, shiny glimmer, and background set represent how vibrant, fly, and glamourous she remembers the era to portray.

Stylist: Naeema
Makeup Artist: Muffy
Models: Brianna & Demi.